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Hearing Tests

Audiometric testingHearing tests are the first step to better hearing health. At Direct Hearing, we provide comprehensive hearing tests to our patients in order to determine whether a hearing loss is present, the potential causes, the degree, and type of hearing loss, and the best treatment option(s).

We use a series of different tests to assess your hearing abilities. Common hearing evaluation include:

  • Audiometric testing – used to determine the percentage of hearing loss present; determines your speech recognition abilities.

All results from your hearing tests are recorded in an audiogram, which is a visual representation of your hearing abilities. Our team will go through the audiogram with you. If a hearing loss is detected, our team will work with you to find the best treatment to meet your needs. Schedule a hearing test in West Bloomfield Township, MI.

Hearing Aid Test Drive

Risk Free, Commitment Free!

At Direct Hearing, we provide a 2-week, risk-free, commitment-free hearing aid test drive.

Hearing AidsReading brochures and promotional materials about the many different hearing devices on the market can be overwhelming. Indeed, hearing aid technology has come a long way from what we remember from the past, and now there are incredibly advanced technological options available to treat hearing loss. How do you know what works for you?

At Direct Hearing, we provide a 2-week, risk-free, commitment-free hearing device test drive. Our team will fit you with a pair of hearing aids that will treat your degree and configuration of hearing loss. Our team is available to make adjustments to your listening experience and to ensure that you have a comfortable fit. During your 2-week test drive, you’ll be able to determine what you want from your listening experience, while also experiencing the tangible benefits of using hearing aids to treat your hearing loss!


Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing devices are life-changing instruments. We rely on them from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. While hearing devices are reliable and powerful, we must also remember that they are electronic devices that do require careful daily maintenance, as well as a visit to Direct Hearing for a clean & check every 6 months.
Should you experience an issue with your hearing device, come visit us at Direct Hearing any time in between your checkups. We provide professional hearing aid repair, and we’ll get you back to hearing clearly in no time.

hearing aid repair

Please note: Do not attempt to dissemble your hearing aid or try to repair them on your own!

Other Services

Custom Hearing Protection

Custom Hearing ProtectionThere are many forms of hearing loss, but there is one type that is 100% preventable: noise-induced hearing loss. Noise-induced hearing loss, a type of sensorineural hearing loss, occurs when one has been exposed to dangerous levels of noise over a period of time. This could be due to one’s hobbies (live music/sporting events, hunting, etc.) or due to one’s occupation. If you regularly partake in particularly noisy activities, custom hearing protection is a great solution for you!

At Direct Hearing, we provide custom hearing protection that is molded to fit your ear canals. This snug fit provides better protection against dangerous decibels. Options include, but are not limited to, hunter’s earplugs, musicians’ earplugs, swim plugs, and more! Contact us today to learn more about custom hearing protection in West Bloomfield Township, MI.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are designed to provide sound amplification when you need an extra boost. ALDs come in many different shapes and sizes – ask our team about the options that we offer.

Assistive listening devices

Common forms of ALDs include:

  • Personal amplifiers – using FM, infrared, or Bluetooth technology, personal amplifiers pick up sound and wirelessly transmit it to a device typically worn around the neck. These are useful in settings such as the classroom, business meetings, or public spaces such as churches or theatres.
  • Captioned telephones – while you are on the phone, captioned telephones will provide real time captions of the conversation to better help you understand the conversation.

ALDs do not replace hearing devices in terms of hearing loss treatment, but they do support accessibility to sound in challenging noise situations. To learn more about the ALDs we offer, contact us at Direct Hearing today.